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Our number one goal is to develop members of the qualified, reliable and motivated teams delivering the very best results in productivity and quality for our customers.

Individuals hired are bright, energetic, highly-driven and results-oriented work in our fun yet professional environment and reach their long-term career goals. We offer competitive benefits package, including paid vacations, health benefits and incentives than outstanding performance. Our employees have extensive training programs, under way to advance their skills and role within the company and get the opportunity to travel.

Our corporation's culture lives by our motto and values, the management team, friendly and casual but the results oriented atmosphere.

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We are in constant recruitment of people to join our growing organization. If you would be interested to learn more about a career please free to contact our Human Resources department through email.

Currently Available Job Positions included:

•  Accounting Team Leaders

•  Accountants

Finance Services Outsourcing, Accounting Services Outsourcing, Medical Insurance Coding, Medical Claims Coding, Medical Billing

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